External Wall Insulation

EWI is just one way to insulate the house we start by fixing the insulation sheets to exterior of the property these come in a range of thicknesses from 50mm to 90mm the boards can be fixed with render base coats and mechanical fixings.

How We Do This...

We start off by taping all the windows and doors up with a blue or clear film, we then fix all the required base rails alter wastes pipes soil stacks downpipes etc and leave them in a safe place on your property.

We then fix the insulation sheets in a brick like over lapped pattern for added strength we then fix five mechanical fixings per sheet (on all four corners and one in the middle). Around windows and doors we fix a continuous line of fixings approximately 200mm apart for added strength.



We then apply the render scratch coat with a base coat to the required thicknesses of 5mm to 6mm with render mesh embedded on all the walls, troweled into the render while at the same time we bed mesh beads round all windows, doors and internal and external angles we then apply more mesh around the windows and doors tie it all together for added strength.

and then...

After the first coat is set, usually the next day we then apply a second coat of base coat to the required thickness of up to 6mm and leave a flat smooth finish.

we leave the render to dry fully and apply the silicone primer, based on the colour you have chosen.

24 hours after we have primed the areas we then either spray the silicone render or apply the render by hand.



the finish

Any render finishes such as Monocouche, silicone (TC) thin coat, pebble dash, tyroleaning can be applied on to external wall insulation but the above method is for silicone thin coat render.

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