This is  monocouche rendering in ivory.

monocouche is a silicone cement based render that is water proof, flexible and comes in hundreds of different colours and is a really neat looking render and is ideal for any home or office to give it a decorative finish.

this involved removing all the all render that was only 5 years old and had completely blown off in many areas.

we arrange and quoted for the scaffolding and skip hire

we started out with the first coat of render what involves our base coat an important part of any rendering project is to make sure this is done correctly

we then applied a base coat with embedded mesh to reinforce the final coat

we then mix the pre coloured render enough to do the full wall or walls in one go this way the rendered walls will dry at the same time it can be hand appied or machine applyied we have the tools to do both

if you need any more infomation or a quote please give a call