4 day plastering course

From: £360.00


Over a period of 4 days you will learn a variety of techniques that will set you up for a career in plastering.

We’ve got 20 years worth of experience to pass on to you, and our knowledge is about the best.



Our 4 day course has a good variation of things to learn including:

  • different types of tools and materials, when and were to use them
  • working out how many boards and bags of plaster you need for the bays
  • learn about how to cut and fix a plaster-boarding to a ceiling
  • plaster-boarding a straight stud wall and a window wall to cut round with reveal edges to form
  • learn about how to apply fibre tape
  • we have one straight wall to dot and dab
  • theres one of two electrical sockets and cables to cut round (not live wired) to give you a more real feel for a proper job
  • we will learn you have to measure cut and fix thin coat beads and make them line up neatly
  • we will show you step by step on how to mix plaster properly, how to apply evenly, the timings between each coat, and when they need passing over to leave that nice smooth finish
  • finally We will learn you how to reskim your work and get even more practice