Holiday Inn, Sheffield

No Job Is Too Small...
Jason Fletcher

Holiday inn, sheffield

We first started out working at the holiday inn in Sheffield back in 2010 when we had been recommended to the owner of the hotel. Our first call was to repair a small damaged wall in one of the rooms in the second hotel (the holiday inn express), we did the small repair in good time with a super quality finish as always and we were re-called again to Re-Skim sections of the corridors without closing any areas of the hotel and with very little inconvenience to the quests we then moved on to the various meeting rooms and back to the corridors as planned by the owner of the Royal Victoria.



Once had finished the corridors we then moved on to the hotel rooms.

We creating M.F ceiling bulkheads ( dry lining ) to conceal the air conditioning units in every room. Re-skimming various areas within the rooms, some of the rooms need completely re skimming, plaster boarding, dot and dabbing, window repairs, currently this is ongoing but we have completed 24 rooms in 6 weeks out of 107 rooms.

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