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We have a training academy called Renovation training', The unit is based in kimberworth park, rotherham. We have 8 training bays for people to learn the trade, At the moment there is nothing like this in Rotherham apart from colleges but this is not the same.
We have been training apprentices since 2002 and made them into plasterers, Some of which are now running there own businesses and doing really well.
We have seen and done it all and with the vast knowledge we've acquired over the years we are confident and we know we can teach and learn our trade to other people who might want to set up on there own or just want to have a go at plastering and to be shown by professionals that know how its done.
Anyone can plaster but to do it right you need to be shown the right way!

Maybe your a DIY enthusiast, A tradesman looking to top up them skills We can help you!
Maybe you need that bit more experience to get that plastering job you've been applying for We can help you!

We are confident we can teach anyone the skills they need and full them with knowledge, and to save them selfves money.
we are also offering a full cash back guarantee.
Book on for a two or four day course with us and if at the end of the first day your not at all satisfied with your training we will give your money back.

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The four day course has a good variation of things
to learn including:

Different types of tools and materials to use and were to use them.

Working out the area of the bays so you’ll no how many boards, plasterbags, beads, nails you will need to finish the your bay.

you’ll learn how to cut and fix pasterboards onto walls and ceilings 

what you'll learn!

you'll find out how to mark out the timbers so you'll know how and where to nail the fixings

we will show you how to plasterboard round a window wall and fit the window reveals

you will be shown how to apply scrim to prevent the plaster cracking

we have one straight wall for you to dot & dab with a few cut outs to practice your cutting like you would on most jobs

we will show you how to measure cut and fix plasterboard thin coat beads so the join up perfectly to leave a nice square finish

step by step we will show
how to mix plaster to make the perfect mix

finally we will give you step by step instructions and show how to apply finishing plaster evenly, the timings between each coat and troweling up to leave that nice clean smooth finish will show you all the different trowels you can use to finish

so that you get as much from the course as possible, we will teach you how to pva and reskim your bays, so that you can practice re-skimming the work you have done.
we will also teach you how to plaster patch and feather in smoothly, using different techniques in various areas in your bays.
this is a comprehensive course leaving you with the skills you need to go out and either get a job as a plasterer or start your own business.

This is the most popular training course and we want to treat our course like a real project, so that you can get a feel for the real thing. 

We will give you step-by-step help and advice at every point

the course includes a good variation of things to learn, including:

learning the different types of tools

plaster-boarding a

plaster-boarding a straight stud wall

plaster-boarding a window wall

1-2 sockets and cables to cut around

taping the joints with scrim

cutting & fixing beads

plastering (skimming)

plastering (re-skimming)

plaster patching

this plus lots more for only £399




  • MASK


Everything else will be provided

All you’ll need to do is be there for 9.00am and be ready to learn

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- covid 19 information -

We have sterilizers in and around the bay areas.

Each person has there own bay and space away from of other learners.

each person will be supplied with all the tools to do the training

gloves will be supplied

your safety is our top priority