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How Much does it cost to Render A House?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked here at Fletcher’s Renovations.

And, as you would probably suspect, we can’t just pull a standard figure out of the air.  We quote on your individual requirements. The quote will depend on the size of your property.  What its current outer layer of material is and what condition it is in. How many doors and windows there are.  And several other factors.

We always provide our customers with the best standard of work possible and we only use, what we consider to be, the best quality materials on the market.  K-Rend, johnstones Weber, Parex and JUB are some of the best manufacturers in the UK and Europe.

We provide a render system which is specifically designed for your property.  The render needs to have a long life and needs to carry genuine guarantees. Our rendering service has a free five year, insurance backed, application guarantee as standard, and a two year crack repair guarantee.

Finding A Reputable Rendering company

It’s of paramount importance that you use a company with a successful track record in applying render.  We would recommend you check companies out carefully before choosing who to use. Look at their website and their customer reviews.  Reviews may be on Google, Checkatrade, or they may be on their Facebook page, but have a good read through and make sure you feel satisfied that they are proficient and provide a quality service.

We would always recommend that you don’t use someone who is not a specialist.  Lots of ‘handymen’ say they can render. But if they are not used to applying modern renders and the finish is not perfect first time, it could be a costly mistake.   In some instances, having to correct someone’s poor work can more than double the cost due to having to remove the render and reapply.

How Much Does Rendering Cost?

The cost of rendering a property will depend on several factors.  Never accept a price without the company coming out to do a site survey.

A professional will want to consider the following:

  • The size of the property, its current condition, the number of windows and doors, cabling, sky dish, air vents etc.
  • How much scaffolding will be required.
  • How much waste will need to be disposed.
  • The type of finish you want.
When we visit a property to prepare a quote, we use a system which maps out the property, marking out the details such as soil stacks, wastes pipes, down pipes, etc.  This ensures we don’t miss any detail we need to prepare the best possible quote and then plan the project.

When preparing a quote, we look at all the stages of applying render to a property.  These include:

  • erecting scaffolding
  • protecting windows, doors and other fixtures
  • preparing the areas of application to fit EPS boards (external wall insulation)
  • applying the base coat and mesh
  • finishing with one the different external render finishes types we have on offer
  • cleaning and disposing of all waste.

Different Types of Render Finishes

There are various types of render finishes to choose from.  Each has pros and cons and so we appreciate it can be difficult to choose which to use on your property.

Below we have created a short breakdown of each of the main rendering finishes we recommend.  We have added some general pricing guides. However, please keep in mind these are guidelines only and applicable for the South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire areas (Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham, Doncaster and Chesterfield).  Prices could vary significantly depending on the area of the UK.

Monocouche Render

Monocouche Render a French term meaning ‘one coat’.  It is also known as ‘Through Colour Render’ and ‘Scratch Render’.

Monocouche Render Prices
Approximately £30 – £55 per M2
Price varies on the type of base coat needed. Fully/part meshed, substrate preparation and waterproofing requirements.

How we rate Monocouche render:
Waterproofing = 5/5
Breathability = 5/5
Flexibility = 3/5
Time To Apply = 4/5
Weather resistance = 3/5
Maintenance = 3/5

Popular manufacturers of Monocouche Render include:  K Rend; Johnsons; Webber; Parex; Fassa; and Eco Rend ( Eco rend is mainly for winter use )

to find out more about monocouche render please:

click here to find out more

Silicone Render.

Silicone Render is also known as ‘Acrylic Render’ and ‘Thin Coat Render’.

Silicone Render Prices
Approximately £40 – £65 per M2
Price varies on type of base coat needed, fully/part meshed, substrate preparation, waterproofing requirements and manufacturer chosen.

How we rate Silicone Render:
Waterproofing = 5/5
Breathability = 5/5
Flexibility = 5/5
Time To Apply = 4/5
Weather resistance = 5/5
Maintenance = 5/5

Popular manufacturers of Silicone Render: Johnstones; Krend; Jub; and Parex.

Find out more about Thin Coat Silicone Rendering by clicking here. to find out more about silicone thin coat render please click here

Traditional Sand, Cement and Lime Render

Sand and Cement Renders include popular finishes including Pebble Dash, Tyrolean and Plain Faced Render.

Sand and Cement Render Prices
Approximately £25 – £45 per M2
Price varies on type of render finish, fully/part meshed and substrate preparation.

How we rate Sand and Cement Render:
Waterproofing = 4/5
Breathability = 4/5
Flexibility = 2/5
Time To Apply = 5/5
Weather resistance = 4/5
Maintenance = 3/5

Find out more about Traditional Sand and Cement Rendering by clicking here. to find out more about sand and cement render please click here

External Wall Insulation

External Wall Insulation Prices
Approximately £90 – £115 per M2
Price varies on the types of base coats/ boards needed, strength tests, substrate preparation, waterproofing requirements and manufacturer chosen.

Price does not include verge trims, sill extensions, waste/soil/down pipe alterations or any other works apart from basic supply and fit.

External Wall Insulation benefits:

  • Reduce your heating bills by 35%.
  • Reduce risk of black mould, damp spots and peeling wallpaper.
  • Modern and efficient way to insulate your home.
  • More flexible than internal wall insulation.
  • Various rendering finishes available with great colour options.

Find out more about External Wall Insulation by clicking here.

Other Associated Costs

There are other costs to consider when undertaking a render project. The render prices above do not include any of the additional costs listed below.

Scaffolding Costs – prices vary on the size of project. Typically, a 3 bed semi costs £500 – £750 + VAT).  Many companies will have their own scaffolding and so it is always worth checking if this price is included in your quote.

Removing Existing Render Costs – prices vary depending on the size of the property and the condition of the existing render.   Again, check any quote to ensure this is covered within it.

Waste Disposal Costs – we organise all waste disposal to keep your property clean, such as hiring a skip to keep the site tidy.  Most companies will do this however, you need to ensure the cost is included in the quote so that you are not given a surprise bill at the end of the job.

Protective Tape Costs – this involves the prices for protecting your windows, floors, gutters, downpipes, drains with protective tapes and temporary sheets.

Down pipes, waste pipes and spoil stack need removing most of they time, they can easyly be  fitted or renewed if required.

Again these costs should be included in any quotation you receive.

Rough estimates on how many square metres your property will be:

Small Terrace House: 30-60 square metres
Larger Terrace House: 70-170 square metres
Average Semi Detached House: 90-130 square metres
Small Detached House: 100-180 square metres
Large Detached House: 180+ square metres

PLEASE NOTE: These are very vague estimates that have been created using the averages of previous jobs that we have completed.

Request Your Free Rendering Quote

Hopefully this article on how much it costs to render a house will have given you an idea of what a reasonable charge is for rendering a property in South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire areas.

Re-rendering a property will be a considerable investment.  However, it is an investment that will enhance the appearance of your property and could save you money through reducing heating bills and improving energy efficiency ratings.

Our quotes for rendering projects always include:

A genuine manufacturers guarantee.
A genuine applicators guarantee.
A free 2 year crack repair guarantee.
A project that is specifically designed to your property.
Aftercare, advice and great customer service.
Quality workmanship.

At Fletcher’s Renovations, we may not be the cheapest, but our many customer reviews show this is because we provide you with the best service and quality of finish, with guarantees.

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